TEAR Australia materials

Brochures, posters, magazines

TEAR Australia is strongly committed to ensuring that Australian donors understand the issues involved with poverty, at a local, national and international level, and that they act on them in an informed manner. To this end, TEAR produces a range of materials — magazines, study materials, brochures, simulation games and more.

TEAR Education Resources catalogue 2005–6

TEAR Education Resources Brochure for 2005–6

TEAR Exposure Opportunities brochure

2-colour brochure offering 3rd world experience to young people

Incite is TEAR’s resource magazine for youth group leaders. The ‘gooby guy’, as Lyn Jackson at TEAR calls him, has become the magazine’s mascot, and illustrates sections, articles and covers. Of note is the complex mixing of two colours in recent magazines to create a range of shades and hues.

Incite book and magazine covers

2 colour magazines and 4 colour book cover.

To focus attention of groups and churches on justice and development, TEAR has established ‘Project Micah’. A brochure draws attention to the program, along with posters and a resource pack.

Project Micah materials

Project Micah materials