Which is which?

Originally, cartoons were sketches for greater artworks. Over time they have become one of the great standard-bearers of pop culture. They are generally single humorous drawings.

Comics, on the other hand, rely on sequential drawings to tell stories.

The word ‘comics’ is problematic. It suggests that comics are mere fripperies. And they can be. But they can also be, and are, so much more.

Other languages may have better terms for comics. The French term is much more neutral. ‘Bande dessinée‘ or ‘drawn strip‘ leaves much more latitude to creativity. (The French also call comics ‘the ninth art’ — to the envy of English-language comic book artists.)

Cartoons and comics

A little gallery of drawings, some cartoons and comic panels.

Frogmouth, koala and echidna cartoon figures

Australian creature cartoons for early numeracy program

Cute yellow echidnas

Echidna drawing for early literacy program

Map of Australia with cartoon figure on each state

Illustrations for industrial relations handbook

Man in lederhosen dancing with Oktoberfest beer maiden

Caricature for corporate farewell card

Zoe, Annie, Pip through car window

A frame from a comic in progress

Cartoon figure

Mascot development for Carter Holt Harvey

Cartoon of woman holding hard hat

Female mascot idea for Carter Holt Harvey

Jumping girl

One of the drawings for the Playvan

Gooby guys

Some of the ‘gooby guys’ used for TEAR’s Incite magazine