Some fun reading

Scholastic Australia published a children’s book of mine, Bring back the ball, Daisy Dog. Enjoy the online version!

Is a picture really
worth more than words?

Try this simple exercise.

Juvenile Tawny Frogmouth looks directly at camera

  1. ‘Please don’t stare’
  2. This visitor spent a day near our balcony.

Look at the image above. Read the alternative captions below it. Just a few words can change the meaning of a picture drastically.

Try hiding the text with your hand. Then hide the picture leaving the text visible. For full meaning the picture needs the text, and the text needs the picture.

Words work.

Don’t let anyone talk you out of paying for good writing. They might tell you that people are more visually oriented these days. You might suggest to them (in a variation on our little exercise above) that they try watching TV with the sound turned off.

Words matter. Words used well have power. It is no accident that the Bible uses the words, ‘and God said…’ to describe the creation of the world.

So if you need good words, well placed, for your publication, look no further.

An example

An ad sponsored by Hexal Australia in association with the Pharmacy Guild of Australia to promote the retention of pharmacies in the hands of pharmacists. The full text follows.

Good Weekend ad: Some relationships are too precious to lose.

Your local pharmacy is under threat. The big supermarket chains want to sell medicines along with dog food and air fresheners.

But there are many vital things they can’t sell. Things only your local pharmacist can give you.

  • Individual, professional advice so you get the best results from your medicines.
  • Access at any time to our most trusted health professionals.
  • Privacy when discussing personal matters.
  • Personal knowledge of your health history.
  • Location nearby. No need to travel far for your prescription.

Because most prescription prices are fixed, you would lose these important benefits and gain nothing.

Why not join the Pharmacy Guild of Australia’s campaign to retain the present system? Only registered pharmacists should own pharmacies.

Let your local pharmacist know you are willing to stand up and be counted. Because this is a relationship worth fighting for.