Need photos in your publication?

There are a number of ways to obtain them.

  • Stock photo libraries on the web are vast. Agree to their terms, pay your money and take your pick. If you have engaged my design services you may prefer that I recommend useful choices.
  • A photographer is useful when you need particular images far an advertising concept, your product or people. I can help you find a good one.
  • If you have a limited budget, you can ask me to take your photos. But be aware that while I may have more of a designer’s eye, I do not pretend to be a photographer.
  • Take your own. I don’t recommend this, unless you are a particularly talented or trained amateur. Contrary to urban myth, it is just not possible to make a good picture from a bad one, even with Photoshop. Sure, you may be able to improve it, but it will never look as good as it would if it was taken properly, with the right equipment, lighting and eye for composition.

No, I am not a photographer.

I just love having fun with cameras.

I have the great good fortune of living and working on the edge of Sydney, Australia, where the Blue Mountains escarpment plunges down to meet the Nepean River. Our balcony is almost in the canopy of the trees beside the house, so we are visited by a kaleidoscopic variety of birds and other creatures. I thought you might like to meet a few of them.

Pink wax flower with red buds

Wax flower, front garden

Three Glossy Black Cockatoos on branch

Glossy Black Cockatoo family

Speckled pardelote

Speckled pardelote outside kitchen window

Tawny frogmouth

Juvenile tawny frogmouth


Butterfly at the bougainevillea


Cockatoo at Hunters Hill