We live in a constructed world

I wonder how you grew up.

Were your parents strict or lenient? Did they believe in God, or a better future, or the power of the mind? Were they private, or participants in public life? Introverted or extraverted?

Whatever your background, you will view this site differently. We all, from birth, assemble our ideas of what the world is like. We discuss, learn and teach others in an attempt to bring our ‘constructed meanings’ into alignment with those of others, and with reality.

I earn my living by assembling words and images in ways that convey information and, perhaps, encourage action. You can find some of my constructions here.

Who am I?

Hugh Todd writes and designs in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, Australia.

A light illustration for a serious purpose

Boarding house cartoon

A friend gave me this job to do, for one of her clients. And I’m very grateful for it. Lots of fun to draw, though its intended audience is on struggle street.

The starting point was a partial photo of the front of a boarding house in Sydney’s inner west.